Caring for the Elderly project

In collaboration with the Catalan Health Institute and Mataró City Council. This project has been operating in Mataró since 2011. Financial resources are requested to make it grow so that more elderly people can benefit from it.

The Lotus Foundation launched a project to accompany and support the elderly (over 60 years old), who have difficulties fending for themselves. This volunteering project offers interested people who are alone, because of their age, because of their family and social situation,… the opportunity to share some time with another person, either walking or talking. It is about taking care of the elderly by accompanying them in their loneliness, so that they have someone to talk to, to support them in the final phase of their life if they have no one to share it with. Many older people find themselves very lonely. Faced with the social cuts that exist, the Foundation wants to promote citizen mobilization to provide human support and help us all be a little more connected.

Very often the elderly are segregated by society due to the loss of physical strength.

Our society has a tendency to greatly value this strength, as well as youth, and to think that old people bother, because of their slowness and lack of physical resources. The Lotus Foundation promotes the revaluation of this part of society. We want to establish a human relationship in which both parties benefit from it and can learn from the experience, therefore, although old age does not necessarily make wisdom, the experience of a lifetime can greatly help those who still have to experience the different phases of a long life.

In the same way that there is hunger in the world because we allow it to be so (due to lack of generosity), there are people who live in loneliness, because we also allow it.

Maybe some adults want to do something about it, they are sensitive to the issue and would like to act, but they can’t find the way to do it.

The Lotus Foundation creates the path so that those who want to give themselves an hour a week, can do so. This service is offered free of charge to the beneficiaries, the elderly.

This project is designed to serve the entire Maresme region.

The Lotus Foundation works in collaboration with the Catalan Institute of Health (ICS) and the Social Services of different County Councils to contact the elderly who can benefit from the project.